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   LONDON Zone 3

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   36주 - £ 6,300


 A - Academic Year (24주 이상 장기과정)
- Business English, C - Teacher's Course
 D - One to One, E - Exam Preparation (시험준비반)
- Foundation (대학예비과정)
 G - General English (일반영어)

Wimbledon, London









General English










€ 2832

€ 5160

€ 7020

  • 등록비 : £40 / 교재비 : £35 / 1레슨 = 45분 수업 / 홈스테이(Half Board) 주당 £180(런/옥/에), £149(리/워 - FB), £152(하), €183(더블린) / 홈스테이 배정비 £55(더블린 €70) / 코스 deposit : £ 100
  • 학비에 포함된 내역
    레벨테스트, Individual report, listening/multimedia centre, self-access/technology centre 이용, Guided e-learing
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    전화(02.884.2676), 카톡(ID : londoner999)으로 문의해 주세요.

  • 2019년 영국공휴일 : 1/1, 4/19, 4/22, 5/6, 5/27, 8/26, 12/25, 12/26







  • CES Wimbledon (구 Swandean School of English) 는 1976 년 Worthing 에 최초로 설립되었고, 1997 년 런던의 매력적이면서도 산뜻한 분위기로 사람들을 사로 잡는 Wimbledon 지역에 분교가 설립되었습니다
  • CES는 영국에 London Wimbledon, Oxford, Worthing, Leeds 4개의 센터, 아일랜드 Dublin에 센터를 운영하고 있습니다.
  • Wimbledon Town Centre에서 도보로 5 분 정도의 거리이며, Central London 까지는 20 분정도 소요됩니다.
  • 교내에 도서관, 컴퓨터실, 학생휴게실 등이 적절히 배치되어 있어 학생들 편의에도 많은 신경을 기울이고 있습니다.


특징 및 장점

  • 세계 4대 테니스 오픈 중 하나인 윔블던 오픈이 열리는 윔블던에 위치

  • 비교적 작은 규모로 운영되고 있어 학생 개개인에 대한 체계적인 관리

  • 테니스, 스쿼시를 포함한 다양한 소셜 프로그램 운영

  • 코스 중간 런던, 워딩, 리즈, 더블린 등으로 센터 변경 가능

  • Multi Destination 과정은 비교적 저렴한 비용에 아일랜드-영국간 무료 항공권이 포함되어 있고, 2개 국가에서 다양한 경험을 할 수 있다는 장점




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  • 11개의 교실
  • 도서관
  • 컴퓨터실
  • 학생휴게실
  • 교내 정원


  • 전체 학생수: 80~90명, 여름시즌 : 150명.
  • 한 반 평균 학생수: 9~10 명, 최대 : 14 명.


  • 매주 월요일






Terms and Conditions


수업시작일 기준으로 14일 이전 환불신청시 £150 제외후 환불
수업시작일 기준으로 7일 이내 신청된 환불에 대해서는 환불불가
코스 시작후 환불불가

private medical insurance 가입 의무
성수기에는 타건물에서 수업이 진행될 수 있음


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Standard General English Course


The Standard General English Course takes place every morning from Monday to Friday, leaving you free every afternoon to join the Social Programme or study in our Self-Access facilities. 

Your morning lessons are divided into two parts and you will usually be taught by two different teachers.

In the first lesson the teacher concentrates on improving your accuracy, focusing primarily on grammar, reading and writing. The course-book is the basis for much of this lesson, with supplementary material taken from workbooks and other resource material.

The second session concentrates on improving your overall communicative proficiency and fluency, focusing on your listening, speaking and vocabulary and consolidating the first part of the morning. You will also be able to work on specific pronunciation difficulties and improve the language you will use in real-life situations. 

Students taking this course for longer periods (8 - 25 weeks) will have monthly assesments to make sure their are constantly improving.

Our Director of Studies arranges a weekly meeting time and place where all students can come and discuss any questions or problems. 


Intensive General English


On the Intensive General English Course, you will follow the same programme as the Standard General English Course in the mornings, plus three afternoon classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and  Thursday afternoons, which gives you the opportunity to improve your communicative proficiency through  discussions, topical debates, authentic materials and video.  

The main objective of the Intensive General English course is to develop communication skills at an accelerated rate and to improve your competence in using English in everyday situations.

Our modern teaching methods and use of supplementary materials give you the best opportunity to build your language skills and maximise the benefits of the time you spend with us.


IELTS Preparation Courses


If you plan to go to university in either Ireland or the UK then you need to take the IELTS examination.  
CES will help you achieve your goal.

IELTS is the most widely recognised university entry requirement in Europe. Most universities require a level of between 5.5 and 7.5. Exams take place at an external centre on a regular basis, usually once or twice a month.

Students follow the Standard General English course in the mornings and take the IELTS preparation course three afternoons per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you are starting your course at a low level you will be carefully encouraged and monitored in preparation for joining an IELTS Preparation Course. The ideal level for joining this course is intermediate (B1).

Your course will focus on improving your level of English as well as on developing your exam techniques. At the end of each week, you will be given a test, and a complete practice IELTS examination during the last week of the course. If you plan to take the exam while you are studying with CES, the Director of Studies will help you with registration. 


Cambridge Examination Preparation


The course closely follows the Cambridge Framework and CES is hugely proud of our success in the examination over the years.

We recommend that, if possible, you arrive a week before your chosen course starts to allow us time to assess you and determine which level is most appropriate for you. Please note that we cannot accept any student for an examination course until we have confirmed that you are at the right level for the chosen examination. Your level will be determined by the Director of Studies, following an English Language Placement Test on your first day. 

Your course will take place in the mornings and will be divided into two parts. In your first class, you will focus on the Grammar, Reading and Writing papers and in your second class, the emphasis is on Listening and Speaking. You will follow a course book in both classes and your teachers will also supply you with all necessary supplementary materials. During the course, you will receive extra exam tutorials in the afternoons. We will also arrange practice exams for you on a regular basis throughout the course. These tutorials and the practice exams are all included in your fee.

A number of our CES teachers are qualified and experienced Cambridge examiners and their experience, combined with the tutorials and exam practice means you will be very well prepared for the exam at the end of your course. Our Director of Studies is always available to give you advice and to answer any questions you have about the exam.

Every student is appointed a tutor to monitor your progress and to continually assess you!

Please note that our Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses will only take place if we have a minimum of 8 students for each level. The maximum number of students on any Cambridge Examination Preparation Course is 14.


General English with Business


Students follow the Standard General English course in the mornings and take the Business English option three afternoons per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The Business English option is designed for students who wish to improve their communicative proficiency in a business environment.

It can be tailored to meet the needs of any particular group of students and focuses primarily on the specialised language of Business English in the following contexts:

  • Meetings and Negotiations
  • Socialising and Travel
  • Oral and Written presentations
  • Analysing figures/ describing trends
  • Sales/ marketing/advertising
  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Oral and written communications (telephone, faxes, e-mails etc.)

If you have any particular areas of Business English that you particularly need to focus on, the course may, under certain circumstances, be adapted to accommodate these.

Ireland- This course takes place from February to October.

England - This course takes place in July and August

* A minimum standard of Intermediate Level is necessary for this course.


Multi Destination Course


This course gives you the opportunity of living and learning more about the culture and social life of both England and Ireland. You can divide your stay as you wish and you can start your course in either England or Ireland - we leave the choice to you.

Six Locations - Two Countries - One Programme 

The Course  - You can take the Standard or Intensive English Course at any CES school. Students can book from 12 weeks in any centre.

The price includes:

  • Standard or Intensive Course
  • Self-access study facilities
  • Multimedia and listening centre
  • Free e-mail and internet access
  • Social and Cultural Programme
  • Student counselling
  • Student report and Certificate of Attendance
  • Return flight between Ireland and England (minimum stay 24 weeks)

Please Note: Students coming from non-EU countries may require a study visa.






학교에서 제시하는 학생들과의 약속으로 영어 실력 향상, 홈스테이와 Social Programme을 통한 영국 문화 이해와 습득을 돕고 있기 때문에 안정적인 영국 생활을 위해서는 최적의 환경을 제공하고 있습니다. General English뿐만 아니라 Study Abroad Yeaer, Multi-destination courses 등 다양한 코스를 운영하고 있어서 학생 개개인의 needs에 맞춰 선택이 가능하고, 코스 중간에 다른 센터로의 이동이 가능합니다.




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